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Cessna 152

Retail $115 Per Hour

Club $95 Per Hour

Cessna 172

Retail $145 Per Hour

Club $125 Per Hour

2017 Cirrus SR20

Retail $250 Per Hour

Club $230 Per Hour

Piper Arrow IV

Retail $165 Per Hour

Club $145 Per Hour


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The price you see is the price you pay including fuel. We do not charge a fuel surcharge on our Aircraft Rental


InFlight Pilot Training W & B Rev 5.0

2017 Cirrus SR20 N698SL



Cessna 172N 6301D 

Our ’79 172 has a bit more oomph with a brand new 160HP engine.  6301D is a low time aircraft and sports a sharp paint job.  It’s a nice, clean traveling & training machine certified for IFR operations.  Creature comforts include a brand new leather interior, LED landing lights, music inputs, Garmin 430 WAAS equipped panel, and a Garmin digital transponder.

Cessna 172 Exterior 2 Inflight Pilot Training Aircraft Rental

Cessna 172N 733TP 

Our Cessna 172 is an exact twin to 01D which makes it easy for you to switch between our aircraft! It has a low time engine and a great color combination on the paint scheme. It’s certified for IFR operations and includes a Garmin 430 WAAS, Garmin 340 audio panel, King DME, Garmin Digital Transponder, and best of all Rudder Trim! Music inputs, Nulite gauge rings for night flying, and a LED landing light make this one sweet aircraft rental!

Cessna 172 Exterior Inflight Pilot Training Cessna 172 Interior Inflight Pilot Training

Cessna 172N 739ZZ

This is the lowest time 172 in the country. It came online to us with only 780 hours total time! It sports a Garmin GTN-650, great paint, great interior, and is just a perfect 172 overall. For a trainer, a trip, or for fun this plane impresses in every category.


Cessna 172N 739BN

This aircraft sports long range 54 gallon fuel tanks, autopilot, Garmin GTN650 WAAS, KX 165, SKYLIGHTS, and many more awesome features! Great for cross countries!

Cessna 172 Exterior 2 Inflight Pilot TrainingCessna 172 Interior Inflight Pilot Training

Cessna 152 959GT 

This is one of the cleanest 152’s around! It has newer paint, a brand new engine, KX155 radio, Nulite gauge rings for night flying, a Garmin Aera Touch Screen moving map gps, and more!

Cessna 152 Exterior 2 Inflight Pilot Training Cessna 152 Interior Inflight Pilot Training

Piper Arrow IV 8116Q

– Rental Requirements: Complex Endorsement, 5 HRS Make/Model, Instructor Checkout –

Cross country cruiser, Instrument/Commercial trainer, glass cockpit, and just pure AWESOME. If you’re looking for a clean nice flying airplane that resembles something you’d own for yourself this is it. Aspen PFD, Garmin GTX 327, G430 WAAS, Newer Paint, Newer Interior, LED Landing Light, and More!


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