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Inflight Pilot Training Gives You the Power to Take Flight

At Inflight, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best flight instruction in the Twin Cities. It’s our goal to spread the joy of flying to people throughout the state of Minnesota and the Midwest.


We’ve built a reputation on high teaching standards that include personalized flight training programs and a desire to help students succeed. We strive to bring those same standards to every student that passes through our hangar.


Whether you want to learn to fly for fun, or are pursuing a career in aviation, our skilled team is excited to get you off the ground. We have basic trainers all the way to a full glass panel Cirrus SR20. Inflight is the Twin Cities Premier Cirrus Training Center. 







Everyday is a perfect day to start flying. Ready to lift off? Get started today.


About Inflight

Inflight is a leading pilot training company serving Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding areas. We want to spread awareness to those who’ve dreamed of flying – letting them realize their capabilities behind the control wheel.


It’s simple to invest in a pilot license. And the numerous benefits of becoming a private pilot will include new opportunities, challenges and adventures that make any cost worth it. Inflight won’t just provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but access to a group of individuals that are committed to your success now and into the future.


Beyond our excellent training program and deep roster of highly skilled certified flight instructors (CFIs), there are plenty of reasons to choose Inflight for all your pilot certification needs:


  • Highly experienced – our team has over 18,000 hours of combined flight hours and numerous master-level certifications, letting you rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of the nation’s most skilled CFIs.


  • Flexible approach – we can move as quickly or as slowly as you’d like through your training program. Some students decide to take lessons in quick succession, completing the program in a month, while some choose to let some time lapse between lessons so they can break-up payments and make it work with their schedule, completing in a few months up to a year. Whatever approach you choose, we can tailor the program to meet your ideal timeline.


  • Safety conscious – our main goal is to provide a safe flying environment. Our pilots must carry high marks in safety as a prerequisite for employment at Inflight


  • Strong sense of community – when you’re a part of the Inflight team, you become like family. One of the best aspects of becoming a pilot is the community you’re immediately brought into. We’ll welcome you with open arms.


What Makes Us Unique?

The moment you walk through our doors, you’ll notice that what makes us stand out is our culture. For us, pilot training isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Our instructors aim to develop personal relationships with their students, as they build your lesson plan around your goals as a pilot.


As a pilot-owned company, we put our students at the forefront of our business: if you aren’t successful, neither are we. We also understand that each individual learns differently from the next. That’s why we offer highly tailored flight lesson and educational plans. We’ll point you toward the stars – all you need to do is engage the thrusters.


About Our Flight Instructors

Our flight instructors are carefully selected by their qualifications, track record and, just as important, their experience teaching students. With 18,000 combined flight hours, and decades of flying under our belt, our team has the expertise to make your program a rewarding one.


When you received highly specialized flight instruction that’s tailored to your individual needs, your chances of becoming licensed increase. You’re welcome to pick from the wide range of instructors that fly for us.


With our high level of knowledge, combined with our instructor improvement program, you receive peace of mind knowing that you’re being taught by the most qualified pilots in the area. Our promise is to provide you with a better flight training experience than anyone else.


The Benefits of Learning How to Fly

Learning how to fly offers some amazing benefits. Not only can it be an incredible life-altering hobby, you can even make a living out of it. Whether you want to enjoy leisure travel during retirement, remove the hassle of commercial airlines on business trips or want to become a working flight instructor, you’ll be the most popular person in town when you obtain your pilot license.


Learning how to fly is surprisingly affordable, with prices ranging from $6,000 – $9,000 for a private pilot certificate. Inflight makes it easy to set up payment plans with different financing options so you aren’t hindered in your dream of taking to the skies.


Come in and let us show you why we’re the clear choice for your training in the Twin Cities metro area.


Our Most Popular Pilot Programs

Inflight wants to provide you with positive flying experiences throughout your license training.  We’ve developed one of the most streamlined and cost effective pilot training programs available in the Midwest.



Private Pilot Program Commercial Pilot Program Accelerated Flight Training
We make getting your private pilot certificate fun and easy. Whether you’re searching for a new, exciting hobby or career path, you’ll enjoy unlimited leisure travel, whether it’s for business or personal use.


Are you tired of your dull desk job? Switch it up by taking our commercial pilot program, to take your career to new heights. If you’re interested in flying commercial or charter airplanes, crop dusters or rescue planes, this is for you.


Get to where you want to be with our accelerated flight training program. If you want to learn to fly, but aren’t ready to make the leap into the private program, give this a try as you work towards obtaining your certificate.



Ready to Takeoff in Your New Lifestyle? Inflight is Here to Help

Inflight will always go the extra nautical mile to ensure that each and every student receives the highest level of customer service. We were founded by a group of pilots that are committed to spreading the joy, awareness and simplicity of obtaining your pilot license. We understand our customers because we were once in their shoes.


At Inflight, you’re always encouraged to become a better pilot.


Ready for takeoff?

Schedule your lesson today!

Press Release: Inflight AOPA Honor Roll

Inflight Pilot Training

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Casey Arends
Casey Arends
01:59 15 Aug 16
I looked at many flight schools around the Twin Cities but chose to do my private pilot license at Inflight. They were extremely transparent and never made me feel silly or uncomfortable. They have a very easy to use system for scheduling, the facility is fantastic, and my instructor Benjamin Porch is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere is very positive and they really help to simplify a complicated process.I would recommend checking out Inflight to anyone who is even thought about getting their pilots license!
Adam Laursen
Adam Laursen
14:33 28 Jul 16
Inflight is an amazing flight school. The moment I walked into the building I could feel such a great energy from everyone in the room. Inflight has such an outstanding staff that will always make you feel welcome, instruct you in the best fit for you, and help you achieve your goals. I couldn't have chosen a better school then inflight and I can't wait to look back in the future and remember such a great community.
Patrick Brunner
Patrick Brunner
13:20 01 Sep 16
I just successfully completed my checkride for my Private Pilot License. I was completely prepared and easily passed thanks to the thorough training and preparation I received from InFlight. Jason Saunders was my instructor and he made sure I stayed on track and was always focused on making sure I became a safe pilot. All the instructors I interacted with were always positive and encouraging during my training.
Jonathon Korum
Jonathon Korum
20:34 24 Feb 16
I can't come up with one negative thing to say about Inflight Pilot Training. I have flown with many of the instructors, and all are top notch. They all get to know you and cater their training method to meet your needs. The planes are very well maintained, and scheduling a lesson couldn't be any easier. If you want to go up for a lesson, or just for a fun flight, all you need to do is hop on the online scheduling tool, select your aircraft, instructor, and date/time and your all set. If you have been shopping around for a flight school, look no farther than Inflight. Their rates are the best in town, and they are hands down the easiest flight school to rent/learn from in the twin cities.If you have any questions, simply go to their website, and give the office a call. Trever (owner) or one of the other instructors, will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.
Paige Rudnick
Paige Rudnick
21:36 23 Apr 16
After letting my pilot license sit idle for almost 19 years, I suddenly found myself inspired to get back into the air. So after doing some research, I decided to go to Inflight Pilot Training to regain my proficiency and I have been very happy with my decision. My instructor is great and I feel he has been working with me to help me get safely back into the air. I've been pleased with the well maintained aircraft I've gotten to fly. I also like that it's at Flying Cloud Airport where it can get busy and that it has parallel runways cause those aspects of the airport have been part of the good experience for me.
John Flyer
John Flyer
02:32 29 Apr 17
I earned my private pilot certificate through Inflight and they helped me achieve this goal in 43 hours of flight time. The online scheduling system is efficient for planning your flight time and ensuring a flight instructor will be available. They keep their planes in pretty good condition overall as well. Weekends get pretty busy with flight students who can only train on Saturday and Sunday so it is hard to get a time booked unless you book it well in advance. Some of the instructors are not the most personable and are hard to talk to but they know their stuff and have what it takes to get you where you want to go in aviation which is the most important thing. I would recommend Inflight to anyone who wants to learn to fly. After all, I went from having no aviation knowledge whatsoever to private pilot in 8 months. If you have the willingness to learn this is the way to go.
Drew Conklin
Drew Conklin
17:22 08 May 17
Inflight has been an absolutely wonderful experience. In January 2017 I decided to take action to complete my private pilots license and was referred to Inflight Pilot Training by a friend. In just a few short months I've already had my solo and plan to complete the private shortly. The instructors all are such positive and patient people and help you learn at your own pace. The ease of scheduling and facility are great. If you've ever considered flight training look no further than Inflight! 5+ stars!
Carly Davidson
Carly Davidson
00:10 05 May 17
I feel like I got lucky with Inflight! Just last fall I was completely new to aviation and had no idea how I could make my dreams of becoming a professional pilot come true. After doing some research, I decided to start my training at Inflight, and just received my private pilot certificate yesterday! I had an amazing instructor who worked with me the whole time, and I also had the chance to fly with a couple of the other instructors in preparation for my check ride. I felt like everyone was professional and knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I look forward to continuing on to my instrument rating this summer. Now, if only they could get a twin engine ...
Mehmet Ugurbil
Mehmet Ugurbil
15:57 01 May 17
Inflight is great. It is a flight club as well as a flight school. They are in Elliot Aviation, so it has an accommodating lobby with coffee. Important! Their instructors are great. They keep renewing their fleet, they have Cessna 152s, 172s, 182s as well as an Arrow I believe.
janzen decenzo
janzen decenzo
23:05 28 Apr 17
Great flight school, the whole staff really knows what they're doing and make you feel welcome even when you're first starting out and have no idea what you're doing. I picked this school mostly because it was the cheapest but I soon realized it's much more than that. If you're thinking about becoming a pilot for a career or even just getting your license, this is the best choice in the area.
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About Inflight Pilot Training:

-Towered Airport Experience

Heated Hangars during the winter months

-Facility Access from 6AM-11PM 7 Days A Week W/ Full Line Service!

-Transparent Scheduler and Billing System

-Mens and Womens Bathroom

-Cleaner Airplanes

-Perfect Safety Record

-Ground Schools

-Discovery Flights

-Pilot Supplies & Charts

– Quality Flight Instruction

-Affordable Airplane Rental

-Private Pilot Training

-Instrument Training

-Multi Engine Training

-Multi Engine Time Building

-Professional Pilot Training

-Flight Reviews

-FAA Wings Program

-Instrument Proficiency Checks


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