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Inflight Pilot Training is about giving you the most positive experience when getting your certificate or rating.  Through our in depth knowledge of the pilot training industry we are able to provide the most streamlined and cost effective training program available. Factoring in maintenance standards, instructor availability, safety, and track record with prior students are all extremely important in your decision as you will be learning to fly an aircraft. We care about bringing the best value to you as a customer during the entire process and you’ll notice it when you train with us. Our sole business is flight training which insures you a distraction free and professional training program. Inflight is owned by pilots and we understand and care about our customers, because we were once in your shoes. 

We carefully select flight instructors who fit our company, and more importantly, our customers, by hiring the most knowledgeable, passionate and experienced instructors in the area, many of whom have decades of experience. Their level of knowledge and skill combines with Inflight’s goal of constant instructor improvement to ensure you a worry-free and highly rewarding training experience. Come in and talk with us and let us show you that we are the clear choice for your training in the Twin Cities metro area.

Our promise is that you will receive a better flight training experience with us than anywhere else.

Press Release: Inflight AOPA Honor Roll

Inflight Pilot Training


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About Inflight Pilot Training:

-Towered Airport Experience

Heated Hangars during the winter months

-Facility Access from 6AM-11PM 7 Days A Week W/ Full Line Service!

-Transparent Scheduler and Billing System

-Mens and Womens Bathroom

-Cleaner Airplanes

-Perfect Safety Record

-Ground Schools

-Discovery Flights

-Pilot Supplies & Charts

– Quality Flight Instruction

-Affordable Airplane Rental

-Private Pilot Training

-Instrument Training

-Multi Engine Training

-Multi Engine Time Building

-Professional Pilot Training

-Flight Reviews

-FAA Wings Program

-Instrument Proficiency Checks


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