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    I am a private pilot, instrument rated. I got my private through Thunderbird, and my instrument through West Metro Aviation. Yes I flew with Rob! He is great fun to fly with, by the way. He has great stories, is personable, and taught me some commercial stuff I didn’t know about.

    One day I’d like to do spin training/upset training/acrobatics. I’m kinda chicken about that stuff though; I have done nothing besides “standard” stuff in a plane. Ahem… “somebody” I flew with years ago when I was a passenger did the “floating pencil trick”; I’m too much of a wuss. I like to take off, enjoy the view, and land. However, I feel spin/upset/acro training could do me good if I somehow got in wake turbulence or a microburst or something.

    I did do the usual “unusual attitude” training doing the instrument rating, but more would most certainly be beneficial.

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