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Welcome to Inflight Pilot Training! We provide the best pilot training experience in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Flying has some amazing benefits such as leisure travel, business travel, a career, or just a hobby. Please take a moment to browse our website and pilot training programs. If you have any questions feel free to call or click the button!

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Where Do I Start?

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  • 2 days ago by Inflight Pilot Training

    Inflight Pilot Training
    We’ve got a new Private Pilot! Mohamed has been training with us when he’s not working at MSP on the ramp. He is going to continue on and get his Instrument next. Congratulations Mohamed!
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  • 3 days ago by Inflight Pilot Training

    Inflight Pilot Training
    Short Final 10L
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    1 day ago
    You be careful up there boy; y’all hear me !!🛩🦅
    1 day ago
    With high speed warbird activity in the pattern
  • 4 days ago by Inflight Pilot Training

    Inflight Pilot Training
    Alex rocked his first solo today! He even got a compliment from the tower. He’s been studying and flying several times a week to make his dream happen. Congratulations Alex!
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  • 1 week ago by Inflight Pilot Training

    Inflight Pilot Training
    Summer is flying by! Chris just completed his first solo this morning and is pumped to finish his license. Flying without an instructor for the first time is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations Chris!
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    1 week ago
    Nice job Chris

Why Do Your Pilot Training With Us?

  • Experience. We have more pilot training dual instruction given than any flight school around.
  • Full Line Service. Pilot training Spend your time flying not waiting on the ground.
  • Community. We treat you like one of us the second you walk in the door for your pilot training.
  • Maintenance. Our planes are maintained to the highest standard for your safety.
  • Value Driven. We guarantee you you’ll have the best experience while doing your license with us than anywhere else.

What Customers Say

All of the instructors are very professional and make great use of your time. Everyone there loves what they are doing, and the environment is a perfect reflection of the passionate and supportive aviation community.
Mitch Williams
Inflight was the choice that felt best to me because of their rental rates, their planes, and their staff. They are without a doubt the Twin Cities Best Flight School!  
Cory Knudtson
I think Inflight has struck just the right formula for a flight school – a friendly no-hassle FBO with quality instructors, very well maintained airplanes, and reasonable rates.
Ken Nordlie
I did my research prior to choosing a flight school when I moved to the Minneapolis and I can highly recommend this school. Friendly staff, low prices, well equipped aircraft in good condition and situated at controlled airport, I couldn’t ask for more!
Lada Cisar
I got my Private Pilot training here, and it was an excellent experience. The instructors truly have a passion for general aviation, the planes are all clean and excellently maintained, and the per hour rates are easily the best in the Twin Cities.
Mark Giesen
I completed my private pilot license with Inflight. The instructors were top notch, had a fantastic affordable ground school, and the planes are kept in great condition.
John Weiser
The best flight school in the Twin Cities without a doubt. Nothing is left to chance.
Bob Buchholz
Inflight is by far the best flight school in Minnesota. Their expertise in flight training and ground school puts them way beyond the competition.
Nate Bruss

Flight School MinneapolisWhat Makes Inflight Unique?

What makes inflight unique is our culture. Pilot training is more than a hobby for us — it’s a passion.  Here, you’ll develop personal relationships with the instructors and pilots as they guide you through a custom-tailored flight program. We’re structured around you: there’s no hassle involved and we’re a one stop shop for all of your flight training and airplane rental needs. You just need to decide a destination.

Go out and fly wherever the skies are calling. We’ll be here for you when you touch back down.

Our Goal

Our goal at Inflight is to make aviation more widely available to the people of Minnesota. It’s actually fairly simple to invest in a pilot’s license and use it to your advantage. We’re building awareness of the fact that anyone and everyone should consider taking flying lessons. Our students receive a once-in-a-lifetime experience during their pilot training that drives them to succeed


Flight Instructor Minneapolis

Our Instructors

Our instructors are passionate about sharing aviation with others. When we train our students, we personalize our teaching style according to the student. Nobody learns in the same style as someone else. That’s what’s different about Inflight — we don’t offer mundane programs that teach you the wrong skills for flying. We want to get you excited about flying while you do your pilot training.

We have a wide variety of instructors that span different age groups and experience levels. It’s our commitment to provide you the best value as a customer throughout entire pilot training process. We’ve staked our reputation around a team of the most experienced and customer-driven flight instructors in the Twin Cities. With more than 18,000 hours of flight time combined, our teachers love what they do. And what they do is bring out the best in you.

If you’re ready to take flight, take a look at some of our prices below.

Flight Instruction Rates

$75 Per Hour
$65 Per Hour
Day Rate
$600 Per Day



We offer pilot training programs of all types. No matter what type of license, rating or certification you’re trying to get, Inflight will make you soar. Here are some of the programs we offer:

Private Pilot’s License
Getting your private pilot’s license is a bucket list item for many. If you want to participate in a fun hobby, enjoy unlimited traveling possibilities, or join a great community, a private certification is for you. Inflight will get you to your destination — our track record has produced the best and safest pilots in the country, with a passion for keeping flying fun and affordable for all students.
Commercial Pilot Training
Is a boring desk job not for you? With our commercial pilot’s license program, your career will begin lift off as you learn how to fly commercial and charter airplanes, crop dusters, or emergency and rescue planes.
Airline Career Pilot Training
Most airline pilots begin their careers as commercial pilots. If you’ve made it this far in your training, you’ll relish in the opportunity to fly with Minnesota’s most advanced pilots at Inflight. We offer comprehensive airline career pilot programs for those seeking the glamorous job flying for a major airline.
Flight Instructor Training
When it comes to training flight instructors, experience matters. The next generation of teachers must be as passionate about flying as those that came before. With Inflight, you can accelerate through our program in a relatively short time and be fully prepared to pass your checkrides.
Instrument Rating
Having your instrument rating will make you a more proficient, competent and confident pilot. You’ll be better suited to land at unfamiliar airports and be prepared to handle changes to weather. Our program can be completed in as quick as 30 days, making you a safer pilot overall.
Simulator Training
Simulator training can cut the cost of getting your pilot’s license by a significant amount. A normal lesson would take hours, from the time you show up until you leave. A sim can cut that time in half and for less than half the cost of actually flying. You can also put hours towards your instrument rating through simulator training.
Accelerated Flight Training
Our accelerated flight training program is designed for the type of person that would like to give flying a try, but is not yet ready to become a private pilot. You’ll fly with an instructor, perform your first solo flight, and earn your instrument rating as you complete tests to obtain your flying certificate.
High Performance Endorsement
If you’re closing in on the sound barrier, you’ll need a high performance endorsement in order to act as pilot-in-command for any high-performance airplane. Inflight will soon be equipped with the capabilities of providing high performance endorsements, keep checking back for updates.


We’re constantly getting asked about pilot license prices, and people are consistently surprised about how affordable it actually can be to do their pilot training. Remember that getting your pilot’s license is an investment. It’s a fun way to enjoy traveling or even build a career. No matter how long you’ve been dreaming of flying, Inflight is here to make it a reality. There has never been a better time to get your wings than now.


At Inflight, scheduling is a breeze. With our online scheduling system, you can book your flights and track your payment history at the touch of a button. With access to FlightCircle on iOS and Android, you can schedule flight times, view billing, track your logbook, and stay up to date with your pilot training. We’ve thought of everything, so you only need to think of one thing: flying.

Take the Pilot Seat with Inflights’ Discovery Flight

If you’d like to test the reigns, you can come sit in the pilot’s seat and take the controls (if you’re ready) while one of our experienced instructors guides you during a one-hour Discovery Flight. While you’re flying you can discuss your goals and map out your pilot training.

You can fly anywhere in the greater Twin Cities area  — whether you want to fly around downtown Minneapolis, Lake Minnetonka, or even over your own house. If you’re thinking about getting your pilot’s license, this is a good first step to see if flying suits you. It also makes a great gift for the pilot-in-training in your life.

Ready for Takeoff?

Inflight will always go the extra mile to make sure the customer is taken care of. We’re owned and operated by pilots and understand our customers, because we were once in your shoes. Our promise is that you’ll receive better flight training experience with us than anywhere else. That forward thinking is what propels us ahead of our competition.
At Inflight, every day is a perfect day for flying. Ready for takeoff? Get Started Now



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