Welcome to Inflight Pilot Training! We provide the best pilot training experience in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Flying has some amazing benefits such as leisure travel, business travel, a career, or just a hobby. Please take a moment to browse our website and pilot training programs. If you have any questions feel free to call or click the button!

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Why Do Your Pilot Training With Us?

  • Experience. We have more pilot training dual instruction given than any flight school around.
  • Affordability. Pilot training shouldn’t break the bank or be unattainable by anyone.
  • Community. We treat you like one of us the second you walk in the door for your flight training.
  • Maintenance. Our planes are maintained to the highest standard for your safety.
  • Guarantee. We guarantee you you’ll get your license with our guaranteed pilot training programs or we’ll cover the rest.

What Customers Say

All of the instructors are very professional and make great use of your time. Everyone there loves what they are doing, and the environment is a perfect reflection of the passionate and supportive aviation community.
Mitch Williams
Inflight was the choice that felt best to me because of their rental rates, their planes, and their staff. They are without a doubt the Twin Cities Best Flight School!  
Cory Knudtson
I think Inflight has struck just the right formula for a flight school – a friendly no-hassle FBO with quality instructors, very well maintained airplanes, and reasonable rates.
Ken Nordlie
I did my research prior to choosing a flight school when I moved to the Minneapolis and I can highly recommend this school. Friendly staff, low prices, well equipped aircraft in good condition and situated at controlled airport, I couldn’t ask for more!
Lada Cisar
I got my Private Pilot training here, and it was an excellent experience. The instructors truly have a passion for general aviation, the planes are all clean and excellently maintained, and the per hour rates are easily the best in the Twin Cities.
Mark Giesen
I completed my private pilot license with Inflight. The instructors were top notch, had a fantastic affordable ground school, and the planes are kept in great condition.
John Weiser
The best flight school in the Twin Cities without a doubt. Nothing is left to chance.
Bob Buchholz
Inflight is by far the best flight school in Minnesota. Their expertise in flight training and ground school puts them way beyond the competition.
Nate Bruss